What is a ‘national anthem’? | The Jerusalem Report

2/9 A national anthem is a poem that is sung in memory of a national, religious or ethnic group.

The phrase “the nation’s anthem” originated in the 17th century.

In its current form, it can be found in all the major languages of the world, including Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, Kurdish, Persian, Russian, and Spanish.

It is also a national anthem in some European countries.

An alternative, but more popular form of the phrase “Israel’s national anthem” is “The national anthem of Israel”.

It is the official anthem of the State of Israel, but can also be sung in the public sphere and in public places.

The term “national anthem” derives from the fact that it is a written text that is read in memory and celebration of a nation.

The song itself is composed of the words “The people of Israel” and “God bless Israel”.

In its traditional form, the national anthem includes a hymn, the words of praise or appreciation, and an anthem for the state.

It was originally composed for the national defense and is an important tool in Israel’s national identity.

However, the song has been used in the Palestinian territories as well, and it has also been used for other purposes.

The National Anthem of Israel is a song composed by Jewish people and is sung at the start of the national prayers at the end of the evening service of the morning prayer.

It has been widely adopted by the Israeli public, and has become a part of Israeli life since the beginning of the state of Israel in 1948.

The anthem is sung and sung in Hebrew and Arabic, with a mixture of Hebrew and Aramaic.

The text of the anthem is found in the Hebrew Bible and in the Quran.

The Hebrew text is known as the Book of Psalms.

The Arabic text is the Koran, and its verses are recited during religious services.

The Quran contains the most significant sections of the Koran as well as its prophetic revelations.

It contains numerous verses of praise and thanksgiving.

The lyrics of the Israeli national anthem include “God is our strength, God is our refuge, God will guide us in our hour of need, God gives us victory and protection”.

There are many other phrases in the national song.

The name of the song is an ancient Hebrew name, and the first written mention of the name was in a rabbinic tract, the Talmud, in 8th century BC.

This song was also known as “Akkadian song”.

It was first composed in the 15th century by Rabbi Yosef ben Yehudah of Safed.

The word for the song in Hebrew is יָןַן, meaning “I sing, praise and thank you”.

In Arabic, it is نيروك, meaning the “national song of the people of Palestine”.

The song has become an important part of the Jewish tradition since the 16th century, when it was first used in prayers by Jewish students in Jerusalem’s Old City.

In the early 19th century the song was composed by Rabbi Yehuda ben Yisrael of Jerusalem.

It became known in the 19th Century as “The Song of the Hebrews”.

It has also become a popular anthem in other countries.

In recent years, the anthem has become the unofficial anthem of several Arab and Islamic countries.

Some Arab countries have adopted the anthem as their national anthem, while some Islamic countries, including Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait, have adopted it as their official anthem.

However the Palestinian anthem is not considered a national song in any of the Arab countries.

The Palestinian anthem has also attracted attention from Western governments, who have urged Israel to adopt the anthem.

The Israeli government has stated that the anthem “is not a national tune”.

However, many Palestinian religious scholars and others argue that it should be recognized as a national tradition, because it is based on the Koran and the Quran, two of the most sacred books of Islam.

The official national anthem was adopted by Israel in 1982.

It covers the entire history of the nation of Israel from its creation until the 1967 Middle East War.

It includes an anthem from the time of its founding, a poem written by the prophet Moses and a hymns and prayers.

In 2002, the Israeli government renamed the song “The Hebrews” and adopted it in public schools.

The first verse of the original anthem, “The voice of the God of Israel shall be heard over the whole land of Israel”, was written by Moses in the desert in the year 3000 BC.

A second verse, “God, God of our fathers, the Lord of our hopes and the Lord, will be with us for ever”, was added in the 20th century as the national prayer.

The third verse of “The Israelite nation” was added to the anthem in 1998, after the establishment of the country in 1948, with the words, “We are a people of the Torah and the law of God”.

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