‘Pampas’ director calls for peace in country, says peace can be achieved through dialogue

Pampas is a beautiful place, and it’s been in a peaceful peace for a long time.

But in a new interview, “Pampan” director Daniel Espinosa calls for a peaceful resolution to the country’s problems, and says he would prefer to be in charge of the country rather than a dictator.

Espinoso was recently honored by the United Nations with the Human Rights Award for his role in “Pamela,” which he helmed with his wife, Francesca, in 2007.

Espinoosa is now a producer on the upcoming HBO series “Paso” which is being produced in Mexico.

He spoke with EW about his new HBO series, why he thinks the world needs to be a little more peaceful, and why he’s proud to have helped create a world that has a much better chance of solving some of the world’s problems.ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So, “The Pampan Project,” what can you tell us about this project?

Daniel Espinoza: “Pampa” is a film about a community in the Pampanas region in Mexico, which has been in peaceful peace since the 1990s.

The story revolves around a group of friends that are fighting against the drug cartel, and they are in a group that fights in a peace camp, which is where people go after they go to work.

So it’s an idea about people going to a place where there are people who are fighting for peace and justice, and that’s what the Pampa Project is about.

It’s about the people who were part of this peace camp.

And so it’s a story about people who lived and died peacefully.

So that’s the premise of the film.

The first season of the show is in Mexico right now, and we are shooting in Pampancas, which in my opinion is the most peaceful and beautiful place in the world.

So we’re shooting right here, in the heart of Mexico.

It was a really beautiful time, and the people here have always been there, and have always wanted peace.

But we’ve seen this peacefulness diminish over the years, and over the last few years, this peaceful peace has come to an end, and there’s a lot of violence.

So I think it’s important to keep talking about it, and to have peace, and hopefully to have a better future.

EW: You also have “Pamelas” in Spain, right?

Daniel: It’s not just Spain, but all over the world, right now.

And the most violent countries are also where they have the highest number of murders and other violent crimes.

So “Papa” is about a group in the area, and their efforts to fight this, and trying to get this peaceful place back to where it was.

So in Spain we had “Papo La Gente,” which was the name of the group, and now we have “Luz” or “Luna.”

And we’re filming in both of those places.

The idea is to capture the violence that’s happening in those places, and also to show how peaceful these places are.

And we hope that the film will be very much about this.

So there are so many places that are still under violence, but this is a way to show the peacefulness that’s still in these places.

EW (interjecting): Is it true that “Pablo” has been shot in a small village?

Daniel : “Papalas” is very much in the spirit of what I was saying.

It started as a small film that was shot on location in a village in the region of Pampachos, which means “pampa.”

And in that village, it was just one man working in a house.

But I wanted to create this film where people would feel more connected to one another, where they can see one another in this peaceful way.

So the people of the village came to me and said, “Daniel, can you shoot this movie in a very small village?”

I said, sure, that’s fine.

They just need a place to film it, because they don’t have any other choice.

They can’t go to a city to film a movie.

I thought that was kind of a waste of time, but it worked out really well.

They’ve been able to tell their story through their stories.

I’m very proud of the way they’ve approached this.

They’re very much a family, and I really want them to have the opportunity to tell this story.

And I’m looking forward to shooting the next season, which will be in Mexico and Spain.

EW : What’s the hardest part of shooting a show like this?

Daniel, you’re in a place that has been a hotbed of violence for a very long time, right before “Pama.”

But you’re also in a country that

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