How to get your information to the local health authority

Spanish regional information service RTE published a map showing how to get information about the regional health authority in your region to the nearest health authority, or to the national health authority.

The regional health organisation is the equivalent of the National Health Service (NHS).

It works with the local authorities to ensure health services are available and that they are delivered on time.

RTE’s website is also where you can get more information about health, including what to expect and how to help manage your own health.

RETAILED RETAILS The Regional Health Authority is the national body responsible for health and social care in Spain.

It is the Spanish equivalent of a national NHS.

The Spanish Government also has a regional health agency responsible for social care, health and education.

There are regional health offices in the following areas: Catalonia – Basque Country – Santander Region – Andalusia – Cordoba – Cádiz Region – Almeria Region – Castilla-La Mancha – Granada Region – Girona – Iberia Region, Andalusian Islands – Canary Islands – Malaga Region, Catalonia – Gran Canaria Region, Iberian Peninsula – Andalucia Region Central/Eastern Spain – Catalonia – Castile-La Real – Catalonia-San Sebastian – Catalonia/Castile-Gasteiz – Castilian Islands – Catalunya – Extremadura – Extremenciado Region – Extremempo Region – Galicia – Galizia – Gibraltar – Gibraltar-Huesca – Gibraltar Region – Gran Chaco – Gran Madena – Gran Malaga – Gran Leon – Gran Márcio – Gran Piedra – Gran Silla – Gran Sud – Gran Vergara – Gran Valenciana – Gran Vitoria – Gran Verdadera – Gran Vicente – Gran Vivara – Gibraltar Peninsula – Gibraltar Islands – Gibraltar City – Gibraltar, Gibraltar Islands, Gibraltar Island – Gibraltar Isle – Gibraltar Island, Gibraltar, Graz Islands – Hebrides – Holyrood – Isle of Man – Isle Of Wight – Isla Grande – Isle Orkney Islands – Isle Royale – Isle Villas-Boas – Isle Vanuatu – La Reunion – Leeward Islands – Lesotho – Lofoten Islands – Lithuania – Luxembourg – Malta – Martinique – Monaco – Montserrat – Northern Mariana Islands – New Caledonia – North West Indies – Northern Ireland – Norway – Papua New Guinea – Paraguay – Peru – Peru-Ecuador – Portugal – Puerto Rico – Saint Lucia – Saint Vincent – Saint-Martin – Suriname – Svalbard – Sweden – Swaziland – Togo – Tobago – Tunisia – Turks and Caicos Islands – United Arab Emirates – United Kingdom – United States – Uruguay – Vanuza Islands – Venezuela – Zambia

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