When a new government is formed, what do you think of the state of affairs in Kerala?

Kerala has gone through many transformations during its recent history.

The state has been ruled by a Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) government that ruled for over a century, and has witnessed many economic, social and political shifts.

Nowadays, the government is run by the Kerala People’s Front, which has been headed by the Congress-led United Democratic Front (UDF).

While the Congress has won several seats in the state legislature and the governor’s office, the BJP has secured most of the seats in state assemblies.

This means that the BJP-led UDF will be in power for the next two years, until 2019.

In 2017, the UDF came to power in the states of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

This was the first time that a government of the UDP had ever come to power since independence.

This political shift in the UDA government was seen as the beginning of the end of the old-style Left-Lite alliance of the party.

The BJP’s entry into power led to a significant drop in the BJP’s electoral support, but the party managed to garner enough votes to form a minority government in the legislature.

However, this time around, the state government will be led by the BJP, which is seen as an ideological ally of the ruling party.

What will be the future of the Bharatiya Janata Party?

The BJP has seen a decline in its electoral support in recent times.

But this may not be the end.

The party will likely be in a position to form government in future, especially if the UPD is defeated in the 2019 elections.

While the BJP is seen to be the most likely to form the next government, the Congress and the United Democratic Party (UDP) are expected to form another alliance.

The Congress and UDF have ruled Kerala for over 20 years and have held various state governments for decades.

They are both in the same party camp, and the two parties are likely to continue to work together to form an all-India government.

However, it is unlikely that the UPA will be able to form new governments in Kerala, as it is already in a state of crisis due to the election of a new chief minister.

The UPD has been in power since 1989, but it has lost all its seats since 2004.

In 2019, the Kerala Congress will lose three of its five seats in a assembly election.

The United Democratic Alliance (UDA) and the Left Front (Left United Front) are also expected to be in the fray, but with no party holding more than 20 percent of the vote, the election will be meaningless.

In the end, a political system that has been created over the past decade may not last for much longer.

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