The drought that is hampering Drought Monitor

The drought in southern India is being felt far beyond its borders, and it’s affecting more than just the region where the drought is affecting.

The state of Maharashtra, the country’s fourth largest, is also seeing its worst drought conditions in decades, with the state’s rainfall reaching its lowest level in two decades, according to the state government.

That has forced the government to implement an emergency food aid program that’s now at its lowest levels in decades.

The situation has created an unfortunate situation where people in the region are rationing and are not able to purchase basic necessities, according the Maharashtra state agriculture minister, Praveen Bhaskar.

The government is also cutting the amount of water available to farmers in Maharashtra by 40 percent, and has not provided water to more than 5 percent of the state, according a report in the state-run Hindustan Times newspaper.

Bhaskar says he expects that Maharashtra will see a similar situation in the next few months, as the state suffers from an overabundance of rainfall.

That could make it difficult for farmers to obtain the essential supplies needed for their crops, including fertilizer, pesticides, seeds, fertilizers, irrigation water, and even medical supplies.

“There is a need to provide all of these basic necessities in the shortest amount of time,” Bhasker told The Associated Press.

“We are seeing a huge situation of shortage of essential items.”

As farmers are facing extreme financial pressures, many have turned to cash.

But the cash crunch is having an impact on the government’s ability to provide relief.

As the government cuts aid to farmers, it is also being challenged by a flood of people using their debit cards to buy food, water, fuel, and other necessities.

That, in turn, has pushed the cash shortage into a much bigger crisis.

The state government is scrambling to fill the gap, but it has been forced to make cuts that have led to the deaths of at least four people in recent days.

On Sunday, police said they had arrested four people, including a woman, for allegedly siphoning off a large sum of money from a man in a supermarket.

Police also said they found $20,000 worth of counterfeit currency at a house in the city of Surat.

Meanwhile, the Maharashtra government has been trying to bring the situation under control.

On Tuesday, a team of experts from the Maharashtra Water Resources Department and other state officials met farmers in the drought-stricken state.

The experts urged them to switch off their debit and credit cards and to ration water.

In a video posted on Facebook, the state water resources department chief, Deepak Bhattacharya, said that the government is taking steps to make sure that the water supply to farmers is secure.

Bhattachary also warned farmers not to resort to using debit cards, as he is aware that many of them are using them to purchase essential goods.

The drought has also forced the Maharashtra police to impose a curfew on some areas in the country, and ordered an immediate stop to the use of electronic communication devices.

Babita Singh, a farmer who lives in an agricultural land in the town of Kalinga, said she has already been rationing her crops with food, including rice, wheat, millets, and pulses.

In the past few weeks, she has not been able to get water.

“I’ve been struggling with food insecurity and hunger for the past several months.

If I don’t get water now, I’ll have to starve to death,” she said.

The farmer said the only thing she can buy in the market is water, which she cannot use for irrigation.

In the past, she was able to obtain water from her own land, but now, she said, she cannot do that because the government has cut her water supply.

She said that since the drought started, she hasn’t been able even to pay her water bills.

In Kalingahari, a village in south-central Maharashtra, Kishore Singh, who also sells rice, said he has been unable to pay his water bill for months because he can’t afford to do so.

Singh said he’s been unable even to feed his three children.

His family members have been unable, either.

“When the drought hit, I got a phone call from a friend in the local police station and said, ‘Sir, we need to switch this water off.

We have no money,'” Singh said.

“They told us that the state will send us water, but the water will be a few days’ worth and we won’t be able to use it for irrigation.”

While the drought in Maharashtra has been severe, the situation is not being as bad in the neighboring states of Maharashtra and Odisha.

In those states, the drought has been much worse.

The drought has affected only Odisha, which is facing a severe water crisis, but has already begun to hit Maharashtra.

According to

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