CNN’s Michael Smerconish: ‘You’d think it was a joke’ if a storm was as bad as the one in Texas

CNN’s senior political correspondent Michael Smedconish says if it was “not a joke,” it would have been a “real joke.”

In a Sunday night segment, the political reporter explained that he is not familiar with any storms that are bigger than the one that hit Texas on Saturday, but he did note it would be a “serious story” if it were not.

“I mean, if you’re not familiar, I don’t know if it’s a joke, but I’ve seen it before,” he said.

“And I’ve watched it again.

It’s not a joke.

It is a serious story.”CNN’s senior national political correspondent said he has seen some news reports that have called it a “national storm” and other news reports saying it was an EF3.

Smediconish added that he has been “trying to get more accurate information” on the storm since Saturday, when he tweeted that “Texas was on track for a tropical storm.”

“The storm is expected to strengthen and eventually dump significant amounts of rain on the central and southern parts of the country, which is what we saw with Hurricane Sandy,” he added.

In a separate segment, CNN’s chief meteorologist Kevin Griffin said if a tropical cyclone was the size of Hurricane Sandy, “it would be the biggest, most devastating storm ever recorded.”

“So we know the scale,” he noted.

“It would have an impact that we have not seen in at least the last century.”

“And we know that the U.S. has not seen this kind of disaster before,” Griffin added.CNN senior political analyst Michael Smingconish said if it had been a hurricane, “we’d be having a discussion on how we handle our own storm.”

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