Spanish-speaking linguagems and Spanish-accented people

The Spanish-language community has a new identity, thanks to a series of local-level projects, including the construction of a Spanish- and English-language public library and the creation of a community center dedicated to teaching Spanish to children in the community.

The project began with a meeting between a local and the local language commissioner in the town of Villarreal in 2017, said Angel Guzmán, director of the community center and a Spanish linguageme.

In a city where many speak only Spanish, the community decided to build a bilingual public library to offer Spanish-only services to the community, and it was also determined to have a Spanish language center to educate people in their local languages, Guzmañez said.

“The library and center were born out of a common desire to support the language of Villanueva, to teach the Spanish language and culture, and to offer people a place to learn the language and language learners,” Guzmaras said.

The first project, the Villanual Library, opened in 2018, bringing Spanish-English services to Villarralde, the town where the project began.

The Spanish language has been spoken since the beginning of the Spanish Empire, and many people in the region are bilingual, and the center serves as a place for Spanish speakers to learn Spanish as a second language, Guzman said.

The library was also built with a goal of educating children in their own language.

“For us, learning a second, second language is important because we do not speak that language and we do have problems in that language,” Guzman added.

A second bilingual library opened in the city of Villinacoche in 2020, and a center in the municipality of Villara del Este, in the province of La Rioja, opened earlier this year.

The bilingual center, which has a staff of 40, is located in the village of El Hacienda, just outside the city center.

The center has a total of 2,500 books in Spanish and English, and offers services in Spanish, English, Spanish-LAT, Catalan, Portuguese, and more, according to Guzman.

More than 200 children from Villarra del Estero, a community of Spanish-speakers in the area, attended classes and learned the language at the bilingual center in 2018.

The students also participated in a project where they learned about the history of the town and were exposed to a variety of events and activities.

The goal is to teach people about the town, Guzanmas said.

Students have also attended a program at the center to help them understand the importance of education, including by teaching them how to read, write, and read the Spanish alphabet.

“We also want to be able to help the children, the older ones, to learn a second dialect of Spanish,” he said.

A bilingual school in Villarranes, La Paz, opened last year, with an English- and Spanish program.

The program is geared toward children of all ages.

The facility is called Paz La Lucha, which means “Children of the Land,” and is being run by a community organization, Guzañez explained.

Spanish-language teachers at Villarras school are also receiving help from the community to learn English and Spanish, as well as Spanish-literacy classes for children of the language.

Many Spanish-professionals have made a career out of the bilingual community.

In the past few years, the number of bilingual employees in the Spanish-service sector has increased from just over 3,000 in the year 2000 to more than 4,000 today, according the Spanish service sector union, Autoridad de Trabajadores de Tratajadors.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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