How to get the most out of the new MTV app on Android and iOS (updated )

MTV News is reporting that the app has just been updated to include new local, regional and national news.

MTV News says the new feature allows users to search local news stories by state, and also allows users the option to view local news clips and video.

There are a number of new features added in this update, including: Search local news by state/region.

The feature has been updated so users can now search for local news within the app.

View and edit local news video clips.

Users can now save clips to their local account.

Save and share news stories.

Users now have the option of sharing news clips on Facebook and Twitter.

In addition, there is a new search feature for local local news.

View local news on mobile and desktop.

There is also a new local search feature, with the ability to search for news clips by state.

This is a significant update for the MTV app, and users will be able to search locally by state and region.

The app also includes new Local News on the home screen, with a list of local news and local news content.

The search feature allows for local search results to be viewed by users and then displayed as news.

There will be local news highlights in the app as well, as well as a local news section that allows users who have searched locally to get news and video from local news sites.

There has also been an update to the video feature, which allows users of the app to search video clips, including YouTube and Facebook videos.

Users also now have a way to view the latest news stories and local stories on Facebook.

MTV says it is adding new features and content to the app in the coming weeks. 

This is the latest in a series of major updates to the MTV News app.

MTV announced last month that it would be updating the app with new local and regional content, and in March it rolled out new news features, including local search, new news stories, local video, and a local video section.

In April, MTV News was announced to be launching its first app on the Android platform.

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