How to find your perfect visa destination

By David S. CohenUpdated Jan. 10, 2018 12:56:58A lot of people have told me they wanted to visit Israel.

I told them I was a reporter, so they had to visit.

Israel is a unique place.

It is a beautiful place, and the people are so kind and so nice.

I can’t imagine how a foreign reporter who is a reporter would feel in Israel, let alone one who is there regularly for business, as I have been for many years.

But I have done it.

I was in Israel for the first time in January 2019, and I am still there.

I am in Israel because I am a journalist.

Israel is a place where you can write a good story, write a great article.

You can get a lot of good jobs there, and you get to live in a place that is very much like your home.

The best part about Israel is that it is open to everybody.

You don’t need a visa to go there.

And it is an open-air country.

The air is beautiful.

You get to go to a beautiful restaurant and have a great meal.

I love the Israeli people, and they are very good to me.

I think that there is something special about Israel that allows you to do your job.

And then you also get to be close to people who have been working here for years, and that is an incredible feeling.

Israel has become my home.

I’ve been living in Israel now for nearly eight years, with my wife, and we are so grateful to have been here.

And now we have the opportunity to go back and do some reporting, and then we can stay in Israel and have the chance to get married and have our kids.

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