Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responds to ‘further developments’ in Venezuela

A senior Canadian Prime Minster said Wednesday that he was “deeply concerned” by the government’s decision to ban food imports from Venezuela, saying it was “not in the interests of Canada” and adding that “we are not the only ones”.

Justin Trudeau spoke with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Wednesday after receiving a phone call from his Venezuelan counterpart Nicolás Maduro, in a phone conversation that lasted roughly an hour and a half.

Trudeau said that he had “serious concerns” about Venezuela’s deteriorating economic situation and the “significant risks” posed by the crisis there.

Venezuela’s economy is in free fall and the government has declared a state of emergency in the country.

Maduro has denied that his government is in the midst of a crisis.

Vatican, Vatican City Vatican on Wednesday urged Pope Francis to intervene in Venezuela and “immediately stop the blockade” on food imports.

In a message posted on the Vatican’s website, Cardinal Josefina Varela, the Vatican ambassador to the United States, said the crisis “is not the work of God but a consequence of the actions of the ruling regime”.

“The blockade against the Venezuelan people is a crime,” Vareca said.

The Venezuelan embassy in Washington has not commented on the messages from the Vatican.

Verena was speaking at a meeting of Catholic bishops in Washington, where the bishops were discussing the growing number of complaints about Venezuela and its political crisis.

The Vatican, which has a close relationship with Venezuela, has long complained that the country’s ruling Socialist Party, known as Chavismo, is suppressing the media and distorting the countrys economy.

Viceroy of the US Department of Agriculture Steve Chilvers said in a statement on Wednesday that the US was “very concerned” about the situation in Venezuela, and that the Maduro administration’s recent actions were “a violation of international law”.

Chilvers told the Associated Press that the blockade “is clearly not in the interest of Canada”.

“We are not going to tolerate the continued imposition of political repression and restrictions on the freedom of the press,” he said.

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