Which counties are having the best summer?

DURHAM, N.C. — A month after the state was battered by the worst drought in its history, there are still plenty of spots in North Carolina where people are still getting wet.

In Durham, the first week of June was the driest on record, and the first four months in the past four decades have seen the lowest daily precipitation on record.DURHAM — There’s a lot of water that’s been lost to the atmosphere, said Durham County Commissioner John Brown.

That’s the biggest thing, the water is coming from a lot more sources, including rain, snow and hail.

We’ve had over a foot of rain since the end of August.

The next time we get a little bit of rain, we’re going to get a lot higher water tables, Brown said.

So far this summer, the area around Durham has seen 2,619 inches of rain.

In the past eight years, Durham has averaged about 1,700 inches of precipitation.

This is what’s going on in Durham right now.

There are some spots that are a little more than 1 foot above normal, Brown says.

Durham is in the worst of the drought, with nearly 50 percent of the county suffering from drought conditions.

This drought has been very hard on the residents of Durham County, Brown told ABC News.

We’ve seen a lot that’s happened in the last four years and the weather is really changing.

We’re seeing a lot in terms of the rain coming down and the water table.

And we’re seeing more snow, brown said.

This year is going to be particularly bad because we have this lake that’s going to make this region dry, said Michael Johnson, the director of the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality.

The water table is the point at which the water falls on the ground.

The higher the water level, the drier it gets.

The lake is about 20 feet below normal.

It has never been as low as it is now.

The drought is going on, Brown warned.

The water table goes down and then goes up again.

It’s very severe.

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