When it rains: How the world’s rainiest regions are changing

Posted September 12, 2018 08:52:10 A lot of the world is experiencing a lot of rain this year.

It’s already been the driest October on record, but it’s already the wettest month on record globally.

That means that most of the rainfall in the tropics and the subtropics is happening right now.

But if you live in the equatorial belt, you’re probably going to see a lot more of that precipitation.

The main difference is that in the tropical belt, rainfall is not always evenly distributed around the globe, so that’s where you’ll see some of the drier areas, such as southern Africa.

In the subtrotropics, the distribution of rain is more evenly distributed.

And in many of the arid and semi-arid zones, where the climate is changing more quickly than the rest of the planet, that precipitation is going to be even more concentrated.

In fact, a lot has changed over the past two years in the way the planet’s precipitation has changed in the southern hemisphere, and a lot is happening in the subtrope.

This month has already been driest in 30 years.

In some places, the dry season has already begun.

And the temperature is already getting colder.

But you’re still seeing a lot in the South Pacific, which has the biggest amount of rainfall this year, as well as in the Indian Ocean, where there’s been more rainfall than the other subtropical zones combined.

Here are the main things that are happening in most of these places.

In most of Asia, there’s a lot going on, including the Pacific and the Indian Oceans.

The Pacific is the most driest on record.

In Southeast Asia, the rainy season has been extended.

It starts in August in the northern half of the country and ends in November.

In North America, the most recent rains are starting to come from the Pacific Northwest.

But in the Gulf of Mexico, the rains have mostly been coming from the Gulf Coast.

The Caribbean is also in a very wet situation.

But there are some very dry places, too.

The tropical zone in the Pacific is also experiencing a long-term pattern of dry weather, and there are several major storms that are still on the path to the Pacific.

The Atlantic is also getting a lot wetter.

And there are areas in Africa that are getting even drier.

The tropics, too, are experiencing a longer-term dry trend, although it’s not quite as extreme as it was in October, and is still a very warm climate.

But the most important thing that is happening this month is the tropical precipitation pattern.

Tropical precipitation is the rain falling in the midlatitudes, usually in the lower latitudes.

That rain is the one that is picked up by the atmosphere and falls in the more arid areas, which are called tropical lowlands.

Tropical rain also falls in a number of areas in the Caribbean, South America, and Southeast Asia.

This is because of climate change, and it’s due to the El Niño effect. The El Niño event is caused by warmer sea surface temperatures in the Southern Hemisphere, which can cause the air to warm and move into the equator.

As the air warms, it causes more precipitation to fall in the North Atlantic, which in turn, causes more rainfall to fall to the subtribes.

Tropical rainfall is also the rain that is carried by winds across the equators.

The storm tracks that get swept up by these winds, and they then collect the rain and bring it to the surface.

That is why tropical rain can have a lot to do with tropical storms.

So when a storm hits a tropical lowland, it can cause rainfall that can be heavier than usual.

This means that the region could see more rainfall during the week, but that also means it’s a very vulnerable spot.

But because it’s getting drier, it could get more rain in the week.

This can cause flooding and damage, as is the case with storms in the U.S. and other places.

There are some areas that are going to get a lot less rainfall this month.

That’s because of the El Nino effect.

That El Niño season is now at its peak, and the season is ending in mid-September.

The season lasts about six months, and in that time, it usually ends with a wet season.

But this year is different.

Tropical storms are more likely to come to the equinoctial zone, which is in the eastern Pacific, because of El Niño.

El Niño is a strong El Niño, which means the atmosphere is warming in that region.

So that is a big factor for the tropical storms that we have seen.

Tropical storm damage can also be quite significant.

The National Weather Service says that a storm can have damage of up to $2.5 billion, but many of those are just minor

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