Washington Post: US Supreme Court rejects lawsuit challenging Trump’s travel ban

Posted November 08, 2019 09:24:52The Supreme Court on Monday rejected a lawsuit filed by the United States that challenged President Donald Trump’s revised travel ban that is being challenged in the courts.

The court’s five conservative justices did not explicitly say they would hear arguments on the issue but it is the first time the justices have declined to take up the lawsuit.

The high court’s conservative justices said Monday that the federal government cannot unilaterally enact a new law.

The court’s liberal justices said the administration could amend its existing law and that the Trump administration did not have standing to bring the lawsuit, as it did in the Supreme Court case that upheld the original travel ban.

The appeals court decision came after Trump signed the revised travel restrictions into law on March 6.

It was one of the most sweeping immigration restrictions enacted in a decade.

Trump said the ban was needed to protect Americans from terrorists, foreign nationals and those who were already in the United Sates.

In a 5-4 ruling, the court’s three liberals agreed that the government has standing to sue under the 14th Amendment of the Constitution.

The justices said it is “unwise to rely upon the narrowest of the Court’s holdings” when “the Court does not require that the challenged statutes be `implemented’ as an order.”

“If the President’s Executive Order is ‘implemed’ as a regulation, as the President claims, then the President is a party to the suit,” the judges wrote.

The justices said they have never before “rescind[d] a decision of the high court upholding an executive order issued by the President.”

The court said that, unlike the Supreme Courts ruling in the case of a federal district judge in Hawaii who blocked the original order, the Supreme court did not take into account whether the executive order was an order.

The Supreme court said it “reject[s] the arguments” of the Trump government that the ban violates the 14 Americans with Disabilities Act, a law passed by Congress in 1990 that bars discrimination based on disability.

The government has been fighting the travel ban in federal courts for more than three years.

The case against the revised ban has been put on hold because of the justices decision.

The ruling came after a day of arguments for and against the ban.

The government argued that the court should not consider the president’s personal political views as part of his duties to enforce federal law.

The Obama administration had argued that Congress passed the federal law, which bans discrimination against people with disabilities, in the interests of national security and the public good, and that states could not bar people with disability from entry to the United State.

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