‘No matter how much I try to keep my mouth shut,’ a woman says in court, accused of threatening to kill children

Posted June 03, 2020 09:51:07A woman who allegedly threatened to kill young children was sentenced to two years in prison yesterday.

A District Court jury found Lisa Dallenberger, 38, guilty of three counts of attempted murder, one count of conspiracy to commit murder and one count each of aggravated assault, aggravated indecent assault, causing grievous bodily harm and uttering threats.

She pleaded guilty to one count and was ordered to serve one year.

Ms Dallonberger, of Glenwood, was ordered held on $10,000 bail.

Her lawyer, John Danko, said his client would appeal.

Ms Linton was sentenced last year on two counts of aggravated indecent abuse and one of causing grievate bodily harm.

Ms Dannanberger was also convicted of one count in that case and was given three years in jail.

Ms Justice Paul Tully said the case had been the “most horrific” he had seen.

“It is absolutely a matter of profound concern for the community,” she said.

The court heard Ms Dallans’ actions were motivated by “lack of support” from her parents.

She had been living in her own home with her boyfriend, Matthew Dallanberger, for more than a year and had been in and out of custody since May 2016.

Her husband had been working as a labourer in the mining industry.

In August 2016, her father took her to an address where he had allegedly met a man from the nearby town of Glencurt, where she was living with his family.

At the time, her mother said she did not know why she had been taken there.

She told police her daughter had threatened to harm herself and kill her mother.

The man allegedly drove Ms Dannans car and drove off, leaving her with a broken windshield.

In February, the family moved to a different property in Glencuff.

Her father was arrested and charged with attempted murder.

The case sparked outrage across the country, with some people saying it was a case of child abuse.

A man was charged with assaulting a 13-year-old girl and sexually assaulting her in a different residential address in Queensland, where the girl was living.

A woman from Perth was charged in the same area with sexually assaulting two girls, aged 15 and 17.

ABC reporter Paul McWhirter reported that a former teacher who had been accused of child sexual abuse was among the people who spoke at the court.

He said it was disturbing to see children being targeted and the evidence presented was not acceptable.

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