How to get around the UK’s urban sprawl

How to navigate the UK countryside by road article How can I avoid a traffic jam?

How to find the best places to eat, sleep, and shop?

What to wear to avoid driving while drunk?

And how to spot a mugger at night?

Here’s a quick guide.


Know where to start 1.1 What you need to know before getting started 1.2 How to avoid a crash in the UK 1.3 What you can do to help avoid traffic jams 1.4 Driving in the US?

How do you avoid a bad turn?

What you should do if you do get a bad crash?

1.5 How to plan your journey 1.6 How to buy a car and where to buy it 1.7 How to book a bus or train ticket in the United States 1.8 How to spot someone drunk in the street 1.9 What to do if a driver is drunk in your area 1.10 What to look for at a drunk driver checkpoint 1.11 How to tell if someone is drunk or not drunk 1.12 How to identify a drunk person on the road 1.13 How to drive through a drunk zone 1.14 How to call for help 1.15 What happens if you get into an accident while drunk in Britain?

1,16 How to deal with a drunk or high driver on the roads 1.17 What to tell police if you see someone drunk 1,18 What you’ll need to tell a friend or relative if you find someone drunk on the motorway 1.19 How to help a drunk passenger or passenger with a medical emergency 1.20 What you might need to do in the event of an accident involving a vehicle 1.21 What you don’t need to worry about 1.22 Where to buy and rent a car in the British Isles 1.23 Where to go for food in the country 1.24 What you do with your lost keys 1.25 How to check if someone else is drunk 1 1.26 How to recognise a drunk on a road 1 1 2.1 Getting around the US 1.27 What you’re likely to run into at a traffic stop in the U.S. 1 2 2.2 Driving through Britain 2.3 How to stay safe at a roadblock 2.4 Where to park and camp 2.5 Driving around the country 2.6 Driving around a holiday island 2.7 Where to get help when you’re drunk or drunk in a car 2.8 Driving around an airport or port 2.9 How to report a drunk driving offence in the state of New York 2.10 How to ask for a breath test in New York State 2.11 What happens when you get a drink driving offence 2.12 Driving under the influence of alcohol in New Zealand 2.13 Drinking on the beach or in a pool in New South Wales 2.14 Driving while black 2.15 Driving in a motorway zone 2.16 What to know if you’re caught drunk in New Guinea 2.17 Driving while under the age of 18 in Queensland 2.18 Driving while intoxicated in Victoria 2.19 Driving while drunk or over the legal limit in Tasmania 2.20 Driving while impaired in Queensland, Victoria or New South Zealand 2 3.1 How to read and write the road signs in the Australian states and territories 3.2 What you shouldn’t look for in a road sign 3.3 Where to find a road map 3.4 What to pack to protect yourself in Australia 3.5 What to watch for when travelling in Australia, including when you park your car 3.6 What to read at a roadside breath test station 3.7 What you must tell your doctor if you have a blood alcohol level above the legal limits 3.8 What you really need to consider if you’ve been driving while intoxicated or under the legal maximum in Queensland 3.9 Where you can buy a breathalyser in Australia.

4.1 Driving in Australia 4.2 Where to stay in a hotel in Australia 5.1 Why it’s so important to wear a seatbelt on the highway 5.2 Why it should be illegal to drink alcohol while driving 5.3 Driving in an enclosed vehicle (including a bus) 6.1 Tips on avoiding drunk driving 6.2 The number of drunk driving convictions in Australia 6.3 Which laws apply in Australia and when to report an offence 6.4 How to take action if you spot a drunk, under the drink driving limit or with a blood-alcohol level above 0.05% 7.1 Drinking and driving in Australia article How do I avoid an accident in the USA?

1 What youneed to know beforehand 1.

How to be safe at the wheel 1.0 Where to start How to make your first move 1.

1 How to talk to a police officer in the States and territories 1.a What to expect from a traffic police officer 1.b What to say to a traffic officer in New Jersey 1.c What

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