How to avoid the TSA’s cash grab: Keep your money with you

By JAMES RUTTLEMAN/Associated PressWASHINGTON (AP) Some travelers are concerned about the potential for government cash seizures at international airports.

In the United States, the TSA will soon start taking cash out of travelers’ checked bags at some international airports, including Denver International Airport, where they will be required to present their cash.

They will also be required by law to show a form of identification before getting into the airplane.

The cash seizure is part of the agency’s pilot program to see how it will enforce the rules for travelers, and the TSA says it will keep a watchful eye on travelers and make sure they do not have money in their checked bags.TSA spokeswoman Joanne Peters says the agency has received thousands of complaints about the cash seizure, but she says the program is designed to prevent theft and to prevent cash from getting into a plane or being exchanged for cash in other countries.

The TSA says travelers will not be forced to have a check cashed, but they will have to produce a form from their wallet to prove they have the money.

The TSA has received more than 7,000 complaints about travelers being forced to give up cash at international airport checkpoints, the agency said in a news release.

The agency has set up an online petition to get the TSA to allow travelers to return cash to their checked luggage.

If the petition reaches 20,000 signatures by Oct. 31, the Department of Homeland Security will send a letter to the TSA, which will decide whether to grant a waiver.

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