How to avoid getting too many ‘bounces’ in your game

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of a condition called ‘bounce fatigue’.

It’s when you feel too much pressure, or feel too sluggish, when you’re trying to push through a game.

When you’re on a basketball court, for example, that’s called a bounce.

If you play on a rugby pitch, it’s called ‘the bounce’.

The same goes for basketball.

The problem with both of these types of situations is that you’re not being consistent with your game, which can lead to injury or a drop in performance.

The best way to avoid the problem is to stick to a regular schedule, and be aware of how long it takes for your game to catch up.

To help you decide whether or not you should play, here are some of the best ways to avoid a bounce and avoid injury. 


Be consistent with practice timeThere’s no need to be overly patient, as long as you’re consistent with how long each practice session takes.

Practice times vary from game to game, so it’s wise to keep an eye on your own practice times and practice times of others.2.

Get a regular rest dayEvery basketball player needs a regular day off, but it doesn’t have to be a full-time job.

Just as importantly, don’t make the mistake of taking an extended break in order to recover from a hard game.3.

Set a clear goalIf you can’t avoid the ‘bump’ problem, then you may need to make a plan to try to get the best out of your basketball game.

This can include changing the way you play, or trying to incorporate some other positive habit.4.

Practice your jumpShot attempts on the bounce are often the easiest to improve and become a better shooter.

The key is to set a clear and achievable goal, and work towards achieving that.5.

Be realistic with your goalsYou can’t control your team, so you need to give yourself realistic goals for the rest of the season.

This is particularly important when you have a young, inexperienced team.

Find out what your team is aiming for, and put that into practice.6.

Be open to new opportunitiesIn basketball, the more opportunities you have, the better.

Even if you’re just playing for one day a week, it helps to have a positive attitude about your game.7.

Find ways to make yourself strongerDuring a game, you need the energy and mental strength to be able to take on a bigger challenge.

This means finding ways to strengthen your core muscles and lower back, and adding some cardio to your routine.8.

Use positive motivationAs well as the good news about avoiding the ‘bumper’ problem mentioned above, you’ll also need to take some time to think about how you can use positive reinforcement to make your game better.9.

Take time to decompressYour mental health can be impacted by the ‘Bounce fatigue’ and ‘bipitch’ issues mentioned above.

It can be easy to become overly focused on the negatives and not think about the positives.

If you’re struggling with the ‘jump’, you can take some positive mental breaks to recharge yourself.10.

Find a game to playAvoid the ‘drop in performance’ problem and you can find a game that you can really enjoy. 


Make it a point to play when you canIt’s important to make it a priority to take time off during the regular season, so that you don’t get overwhelmed by the demands of the game.

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